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again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. trying to corporations rule today. north arts you live from moscow our top stories nato except the command of the no fly zone over libya but not the full control of the military operation as our correspondent tells us air strikes are continuing to rock the capital tripoli. angry protests in brussels as either leaders need to discuss new spending cuts about small continuing to slash billions on military campaign some draw. close to pam expand the evacuation zone to a thirty kilometer radius near the top of fukushima nuclear power plant but
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authorities insist the measure is not down to some radiation risks. max welcome to the world of scientific breakthroughs in cutting edge gadgets that's in technology update. hello and welcome to technology update it will fall two thousand and eleven marks the fiftieth anniversary of an incredible achievement and put soviet science and innovation not just on top of the world but beyond this world altogether. it was that day in one nine hundred sixty one that saw the unprecedented launch of man into orbit the soviet cause not due to go out and making history aboard of us talk spacecraft has gone and became a hero and the whole world caught space fever but behind the scenes the technology
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that made manned flight possible had been a top priority for over a decade with both peaceful and military objectives siggy could go along with talented specialist like buddies should have told masterminded the soviet rocket program that emerged after the second world war as with their rivals in the u.s. missile hits first developed rockets based on the german v. two that it cation was known as the r one first tested in one nine hundred forty eight soviet engineers worked simultaneously on original designs that would create new rockets in quick succession within a decade defers to the now famous r seven family would be baby to launch sputnik. and i mean yeah. for me the whole seven year old could have been there with all its details especially the control system and its modifications and it was like hello i know you have one fact i would say but i need love. yeah but we will do all in love with the rocket and i would progressed incredibly quickly. the first rockets were
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designed to manufactured within two years. thanks to the efforts of his builders that we design turned out to be so good even today only wrote this based on the original construction of the saloon. they used for russia's manned floyd's. the day we were. on the same lines that started turning out. early model our sevens back in the late one nine hundred fifty s. today's most reliable site used launchers are produced with unparalleled prison construction bureau progress in the russian city of simyra continues to rely on the design pioneered by kind of talk and their colleagues tapping the rockets to fit the changing needs of the russian space program as well as those of international clients. like.
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the rocket seems to get younger every year as we updates components. we've changed the control system a little metric system. and upgrading the engine. from year to year the rockets overall functionality using precincts. in more than a half century of history are seven has had many faces and many firsts it was the first i.c.b.m. the first satellite carrier the first to put humans in space and in modifications today is still the only launcher ever used to put soviet or russian cosmonauts into orbit. those are the no distinctions for the developers of tomorrow's best rockets progress is actively evolving new designs to meet new challenges in the aerospace industry and it's not just russian spacecraft fit to shoot skyward fun progress to build site a recent breakthrough in international cooperation has been keeping them busy since
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the european space agency chose a new generation rocket known as this i used to ask keith chris soon to be open to pack it in south american space complex in french guy i. wish you would not. know who are two of the rockets are currently stationed to go in a center guru you know the infrastructure was created and developed are complex. missiles past the test security. put in it to this launch pad is functional. it will take a rocket and the mobile. service to our for a dryer when you're nice it's just a book well i know that the women were counting down to liftoff yet there is no way it's always. for russian space engineers it's a new mission on a new con tropico french guyana is a far cry from the traditional russian launching ground on the cosmic step and they've been working with european partners for the better part of a decade to ensure the site is ready the launch pad will be unique insight uses storied history the first team for break
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a mobile service tower and the first to install the rockets payload in vertical instead of horizontal position. the launch melt will also be fixed instead of rotating so the rocket itself has been designed as the first in our seven family capable of roll maneuvers for proper post launch positioning with first liftoff slated for august or september of this year the caruso use center will give european satellite launch capacity a much needed boost and will be yet another in a long list of high points produced by brushes progress. the technological level and capacity of this plant and several other high tech factories that work among other things with cryogenics equipment will allow us to develop a new launcher under the name. it will be used at russia's new launch pad the cosmodrome. both directions
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to many of the world's largest carried by conflict on the back of her foot crossing russia over one hundred fifty million dollars here when it got home sure this program which period. of. the soviet and russian space programs have blasted off from several sites spread across the country's best territory but with the real heavy lifter now left outside russia's borders future hopes are being pinned on the plan cosmodrome russian for east. west to she could be hosting launches by twenty six and it's appealing for more reasons than brain independence from russia's neighbors moving from the ground up lets the psyche fully outfitted in twenty first century technology besides proximity to the pacific ocean is a plus both for transporting equipment into base and for homeless descent of rocket boosters expended with each launch russian prime minister vladimir putin made his
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way to the future cost him a drone in the air more region of russia's far east for symbolic groundbreaking in august two thousand and ten. was pushed to. russia stages as a leading space power launch pad will improve a country's access to space as will be capable of launching all types of ships into a little bit this includes man flights and long term expeditions to the mood and this is the chief of. the rue sim rocketed central to these plans may have been designed to progress and. but it will lift off on the power of engines built by another key player in russia's aerospace industry moscow based in america much. to the following in the experts analysis we've chosen the engine based on the o d one eighty two we've developed for sale to american those who are here we've renamed it the v one eighty to store childish sneer we've made some adjustments to adapt it to
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the rockets that will fly from the store. was. the primary design elements would be lost change for all of the technical adjustments aimed to improving the engine will be made. back in the late soviet period in a marsh where the makers of the r d one seventy the most powerful liquid fuel rocket engine in history in the ninety's they started work on a new model they cut down to two combustion chambers instead of four and found a powerful partner in us aerospace giant lockheed martin and they'll join with boeing in a joint venture called united launch alliance the americans used to already won eighty as the first stage engine on their workhorse applets five rocket previous editions of the atlas launchers used three engines in place of the one powerful in years ago much model to already won eighty produces nearly a million pounds force of thrust with the thrust to weight ratio more than fifteen
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times that of the engines used to fly just super sonic concorde jet since the already won eighty first gave us five a lift back in two thousand and two there have been two dozen successful launches for american military commercial and space equipment but not all the hardware on board the atlas five has been american in the summer of two thousand and nine an unprecedented move mapping mission was launched with the help of russian ingenuity in february two thousand and eleven the kremlin rolled out the red carpet to recognize the innovative work of young space research institute scientists maxine mckew and until one sun in whose lunar exploration new trying to detect a. len for sure is playing a key role in nasser's lunar reconnaissance orbiter fact finding mission. who were the main elite fisheries the high spatial resolution he would previous missions measured hydrogen levels with a spatial resolution of one hundred fifty kilometers they had a spot on the moon one hundred fifty kilometers in diameter i was advised there is
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that down to a ten kilometer spot you could send a man there to dig a shovel and it will probably find something there a couple bones was of course goes something like that. such a discovery would be no small matter since interested in these resources has created a buzz beyond a sign circle. to what role does the new trying to take to play. the way our device works is quite simple from the point of view of physics introduces neutrons and mated from the moon or the new trends of forms of bats to meters under the moon ground due to cosmic rays they lose their kinetic charge once they reach the surface rubbing against surface matter. the result of hydrogen and that the mass in ukraine's will be slowed down more efficiently device can bridge the vats. were selected following an open and fair
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competition a sure thing about what the laboratory of los alamos also took part in the kansas but soldier voice that turned out to be better we've suggested narrowing down the visible aerial by using a passive colima essentially meaning based on boron town. in all the lunar reconnaissance orbiter or l r o consists of six instruments intended to produce the most detailed analysis of the lunar environment today this includes not just high resolution imaging of the moon's terrain but also. tests for the potential biological impact of radiation from cosmic rays thermal and ultraviolet mapping of the moon surface to detect possible deposits of water ice in cold traps and topographical studies that help survey for future landing sites and hazards the impact of data is already being felt. the program was
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recalibrated based devices indications i knew for sure that they changed the planned landing location i'm confident that when the european space agency said discussing their programs will see countries that intend to launch a mission to the moon like china and japan they will take our data into account. after a virtual decades long dead spill the international space community is again turning its attention to our nearest neighbor with lunar exploration projects in the plans of space programs the world over but even before these are set to bear fruit we'll be getting data back from even further afield as main kind reaches towards the red planet and its satellites. to some much hype sample return mission to mars is mysterious. it's a russian led project that will also transported chinese made. this november a sign from the longstanding attraction to the planet scientists interest thanks to
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firies it's actually an asteroid captured by mars is gravity a living laboratory of primordial space. well this will withstand part of masons. of course. we are we. whites are all girls of memory firms are forced. to use their. girls as. updated since its first plane launch in two thousand and nine group is bigger and better in addition to transport and return vessels as well as soil sampling equipment the complex now carries the chinese martian orbiter as well as an additional expendable fuel tank to propel the extra weight. meticulous testing is underway at the mosque l. space research institute to assure the functionality of each focus group component . the orbital trajectory of mars and its moons reaches its closest point to earth
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just once every twenty six months. any other time is both more complicated and more costly after missing the first launch window due to delays scientists understand time is of the essence. the unfamiliar environment of the martian moon surface means every single piece of the more than twenty scientific instruments that make up the probe has high standards to meet and exceed. what the new. program unlike lunar programs fear the task was undoubtedly complicated by the need to collect samples under tricky conditions gravity is virtually absent on phobos. well those aren't conditions easily recreated here on earth teams of the space research institute have gone to great lengths to prepare the high precision sampler that's at the heart of the focus mission
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a computerized full scale model of the robotic arm and sampling device was constructed for that purpose as these simple squid hold this secret to full gooses origin millimeter. skill precision is the chief this simply device achieves that on just five watts of energy and under two hundred grams of mass education to testing the hardware simply the model has been helpful in honing the specially designed software that will guide the real focus from soil sampler on the mission this direction not only to probe itself but the adjoining optical devices including cameras and microscopes and even the tests ordered from colleagues in geochemistry to be the closest possible simulation of the mars moon. there's every reason to be confident that operettas will execute the mission's main objective. when focus groups arrives in orbit around mars after a roughly ten month journey the chinese orbiter will split off after orbiting the red planet around here the spacecraft will make its landing on the surface of.
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there will take it samples and send them back to earth for a rival in need twenty four teams it's unprecedented your search a testament to the long term long range capability of state space programs. no matter how much i work on my designs there is little chance of them leaving my room let alone leaving the earth's atmosphere but increasingly independent initiative and private funds are becoming legitimate players in this space industry if. need celyn to host a model rover made by a private russian company to moscow snow might not be an analog for the moons terrain but the models makers have lunar ambitions and perhaps just the right incentive. to do the things she says in september two thousand and seven the us company google and the x. prize foundation and owns the most ambitious contests in history they wanted to send the first of a private lunar robots of the mood to google lunar x. prize we still have coming together as
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a team there on the same time and when we found out about the company dish and we saw that filming in the initiative group that was served as the core of the team. then we made it official we don't seem as the competition's sole representative from russia. but the lunar x. prize entrants will not be alone in russian history as the soviet era do not hold moon rover program offers a for middle foundation usually but is the moon surface is in sight. you head unit one forward team still in the cold has an important ally this traumatization from the seventy's features real life luna hold the pilot gets a slough told we have movement forward good shango more just tell him pitch angle minus fifty pitch a little decreasing beautiful that has made contact with the move it three evaluating surroundings be anything you need is to the right
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a lucky man over thirty centimeters high in your. mission you solution plan you have two meters back and you can turn sixty degrees to the right one of the three the over is moving. today don't get his team would still in a hole get to bring sylvia their expertise to bear on a twenty first century project. she's still from a technological standpoint everything is new the quicker. we operate the remotely with no computers no it's all computerized but it's also the first soviet moon over was essentially a light oldsmobile weighing seven hundred fifty six kilograms. this rover weighs five to six kilograms. and then look at the size of. power over is forty centimeters long the soviet one was four meters. so it was
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much larger significantly design of the original no holds was the subject of serious scientific debate and extensive testing when the program first emerged in the one nine hundred sixty s. an elaborate top secret artificial moon surface was constructed for the purpose in soviet crimea chassis size and shape vary greatly as did the distribution of on board equipment perhaps the most important aspect in question was how exactly the rovers would move walking crawling copying tract and we'll designs all have their pluses and minuses defenders and detractors cylinder partners design are hoping the answer many of the same construction questions at the center of their lunar x. prize campaign as industrial designers their job is to find a overlap between form and function like their soviet predecessors four decades ago they've narrowed the field to the true most attractive mobility options wield like their first prototype and a second walking model. for now the stepping cylinder hold exists only on computers
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but its advantages are becoming clear the vehicle has to be ultra light to keep the transport costs reasonable and a wheeled vehicle with just small mass faces trouble with traction as a result so when a cold is leaning towards a walking rover along these lines. you're trying to need to make it look good. to make our design functional. for instance we're working with expanded shapes which can save us up to fifty percent of mass by redistributing pressure inside to the. just a plastic toy. it is actually quite a complicated machine which has to work in extreme conditions. and if we manage to make it look good. bring invasive all seem so it's we will be happy never of the expense of the engineering.
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team still in a hold marches on work with funds to raise and a second prototype to fabricate a company with a total of twenty nine teams from seventeen countries in the race to put their rover on the moon surface and unique is google's twenty five million dollars purse maybe the lunar x. prize is just one example of the expanding arena of private space entrepreneurship . and eileen country of eighty thousand people in the middle of the irish sea may not seem a likely flyer in the space exploration game usually dominated by world superpowers but if you believe the hype the next giant leap for mankind might be coming from the aisle of man it's a place best known for its beautiful landscapes tasty cheeses clean scallops and business friendly tax code that generally means
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a focus on offshore banking with the arrival of two soviet made space stations owned by the company excalibur almaz in early two thousand and eleven showcased islands expanding emphasis on space commerce the isle of man is never really. of launching rockets. satellites yes will. current high high end high technology. space manufacturing to the isle of man. essentially we're looking to help facilitate the private sector and into the space industry through having an involvement in the isle of man we joined russian cosmonaut in excalibur almaz project consultant. on a visit to the island home of the former soviet station as they retooled all my spacecraft for a return to orbit they're banking on the tried and tested expertise already invested in their design and construction to stay a step ahead of space tourism competitors.
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because of history's first multiple use spacecraft of its class. the so-called. so this is a capsule not just for use on a single flight mission but for ensuring up to thirty launches. back in the mid one nine hundred sixty s. the soviet military launched almost programmed to provide to me and surveillance fission in low earth orbit alongside k.s. priestcraft consisting of a service module and a reusable b. entry vehicle were to be launched on the heavy lifting proton rocket this station's flew under the name cell used two three and five in the seventies and work with advanced observation and communication equipment even modified artillery to protect against enemy satellites while the original project was divided in later discontinued both to stations in the return capsules again to the usual flight testing. the inside space is about fifty meters long
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it was enough to house three or four people. of course we are retaining the end of the life support infrastructure. structures so that every person has a private working space and this model of space planning is the most suitable for our goals as it will those scientists were. place tourists to work in a comfortable environment. everyone will have their own working place and a window. to the conference so was the call for the capsule will be diverse part of the complex to fly with excalibur almaz taking up to three passengers into orbit they'll be sent on a trajectory to dock with the home a station the crew can then pass through the adapter into their temporary cosmic orders we should see more spacious to wait list visitors floating between floor and ceiling. most. excalibur almaz cooperates with the u.s.
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and european space going but you know. we're hoping to launch an unmanned fly called twenty thirty. and have a full scale manned flight with a service module by twenty four. combining the experience of seasoned russian space men and savvy american businessmen excalibur almaz is getting down to work on making the dream a reality after raising money and international interest on the isle of man they expect russia to be the logical launch partner by their calculations six capsule launches a year would be the magic number for making orbital me inside the almost station it's economically viable that sooner than you might think with would be tourists already in line so more than a half century and a manned space flight are still finding new ways to open up a vast expanse of our solar system now more than ever there's a chance the next with alpha taking you into orbit and when you're launched think finally cops enjoyed a rocket. it's
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the secret incursion into the country. it's the invasion by means of. tradition the language until you run the best cookie. and culture. the thing is that the habitants are still unaware of what's going on in their life. much. like. i go to alaska the great. on our cheap.
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